Teeth Whitening

For natural, brighter-looking teeth that exude health & freshness, consider Teeth Whitening with Fleet Dental

At Fleet Dental we have adopted a clinically and client-proven system that is quick, effective and convenient because after your initial consultation with us you can administer the treatment by yourself in your own home.

We won't just let you loose with this product because it is a regulated cosmetic procedure. We first need to assess the health of your gums, teeth and tongue to check if this is the suitable treatment for you.

If it is we take a mold of your teeth, which is an essential part of the take-home kit. Without it you are unable to apply the solution to your teeth effectively and for the appropriate amount of time without spillage, wastage and disappointment.

As this treatment is a gradual and not an immediate whitening system the change in the colour of your teeth will be a gentle and discreet transformation instead of a dramatic metamorphosis allowing you to keep your brightening secret - a secret.

In addition to guidance and advice during the consultation your take home kit comes with full instructions, and of course if you have any further questions or the slightest concern please call us so we can talk you through the treatment at any time.

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