Dental Implants

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The loss of a tooth is not only traumatic in terms of reduced bite and functionality, but in some cases can result in the deterioration of the result bone and tooth tissue. The consequences include infection and a sunken, prematurely aged appearance.

To prevent further damage and rebuild your proper mouth function and confidence we recommend a dental implant. Implantology is a technologically advanced dental procedure with long lasting results and thousands of happy clients.

Recognised as the best alternative to a missing tooth, dental implants are lightweight, durable and hard to distinguish from the original tooth.

The procedure is straightforward and pain-free. After a consultation we gently insert a titanium post or abutment into your jawbone using microscopic tools. This procedure is about restoration not excavation and this is where our resident implantologist's skill and dexterity comes to the fore.

The post is precisely and comfortably secured where it will bond and integrate into your jawbone. The implant is capped with a temporary crown covering and left until fully healed.

The second procedure is the creation of a natural-looking, functional and permanent crown to secure on top of the post. This really is the crowning glory to your implant. It not only looks wonderful, but provides further support to your adjacent teeth, supplies the perfect biting surface and assists with your speech.

A missing tooth sometimes results in a lisping or whistling which is only ever really good if you are a referee or a sheep dog trainer.

Fundamentally a dental implant allows all your teeth to work collectively, meaning no more taking the strain for absent teammates.

We offer high quality, stress free dental implant treatment at Fleet Dental Centre, to patients throughout Hampshire, Fleet, Hook, Yateley, Farnborough and Odiham.

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