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Need an Orthodontist in Fleet? Or are you looking for adult braces in Hampshire? Orthodontic work can treat many conditions including protruding front teeth, overcrowding, impacted teeth, underbite, overbite, reverse bite and asymmetrical teeth.

They may have developed as the result of childhood habits such as thumb sucking, trauma or injury, genetics and an inherited 'look', or a range of miscellaneous biological factors.

These dental disorders may not just cause embarrassment, but crucially may affect your speech making you lisp or sound short tongued. The conditions may also affect your ability to chew and bite properly with some teeth doing more work than others and wearing down prematurely.

Our orthodontist is committed to creating a symmetrical, functional and good-looking mouth structure accentuating your natural beauty, enhancing your speech and your ability to chew and bite in comfort in an agile rather than laboured manner.

There are orthodontic treatments to suit every aesthetic style and level of affordability.

Minor irregularities can be concealed with composite and cosmetic veneers, while more complex orthodontic procedures may benefit from contemporary Invisalign braces which discreetly straighten teeth or the revolutionary Inman Aligner with its gentle push and pull mechanism which corrects the teeth at the heart of a smile.

Our orthodontist is at the heart of our practice. Their diagnostic and scientific approach combined with a gentle thoughtfulness and natural client empathy has made them a popular and well-respected member of our team. Their personable nature is as unrivalled as their dexterity with microscopic tools and the ability to match the right treatment to the right client and the idiosyncracies of their lifestyle.

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